USENIX/ACM Symposium on Networked Systems Design and Implementation
(NSDI '04)
March 29 - 31, 2004
San Francisco, California, USA

NSDI '04 is a new conference focused on the design principles of
large-scale distributed and networked systems. We believe systems as
diverse as scalable Web services, peer-to-peer file sharing, sensor
nets, and distributed network measurement share a set of common
challenges. Progress in any of these areas requires a deep understanding
of how researchers are addressing the challenges of large-scale systems
in other contexts. Our goal is to bring together researchers from across
the systems community--including operating systems, distributed systems,
and computer networking--to foster a cross-disciplinary approach to
addressing our common research challenges. NSDI will provide a
high-quality, single-track forum for presenting new results and
discussing ideas that overlap these disciplines.

The NSDI '04 Program Committee seeks work that furthers the knowledge
and understanding of the systems community as a whole, continues a
significant research dialog, or pushes the architectural boundaries of
large-scale network services. We solicit papers describing original and
previously unpublished research and experiences. Specific topics of
interest include, but are not limited to:

* Scalable techniques for high availability and reliability
* Security and robustness of highly complex systems
* Novel architectural approaches for specific application domains
* Network measurements, workload and topology characterization
* Autonomous and self-configuring network and system management
* Network virtualization and resource management
* Distributed storage, caching, and query optimization
* Network protocols and algorithms for complex distributed systems
* Operating system support for scalable network services
* Relevant application or system experiences (e.g., in sensor nets, P2P
systems, overlays, pervasive computing)

Important Dates:
Paper titles and abstracts due: September 15, 2003
Final paper submissions due: September 22, 2003
Notification of acceptance: December 11, 2003
Papers due for shepherding: January 26, 2004
Camera-ready final papers due: February 9, 2004

For more information,
please visit

We look forward to receiving your submissions!

Robert Morris, MIT
Stefan Savage, UCSD
Program Chairs