I have set up a VPN, between my notebook and firewall. I use a dial up ISP
from my notebook and start a CIPE VPN, via that ISP and my cable ISP, to my
home network. When I try to access SMB or NFS shares on my home network,
from my notebook, the data transfer is extremely slow, possibly stopped.
Accessing shares on my notebook, from my home network works fine. FTP also
works well in both directions, as do other TCP apps, such as ssh or telnet.

Any idea as to what might be causing this poor performance with SMB and NFS,
in only one direction? I'm running Red Hat 7.3 on the notebook, firewall
and desktop. There is also an OS/2 desktop, which behaves the same way.
Might the problem be caused by the speed difference between the home lan
(100 Mb) and the dial up connection?

tnx jk


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