Hi Group,

I have around 12 Windows 2000 2-node clusters (with another 30 more
scheduled to be built) that among all the other services they offer
are also configured as NFS Gateways. Each node has Hummingbird NFS
gateway installed using the defaults. It is not configured as a
cluster application at all.

Now my cluster nodes each have 3 NICs. One NIC is configured to be the
private interface used for the heartbeat communication. The other two
are teamed to create a virtual network adapter which is used as the
public interface. The servers are IBM X-series 342 servers 8669-4RX
and each have an onboard 10/100Mb Netfinity NIC (Intel) and two PCI
cards namely IBM 10/100 Ethernet adapter and IBM Gigabit Ethernet SX
server adapter. These are all Intel chip based cards. They are teamed
using Intel Proset II software. The on board card is used for the
private communication using a crossover cable. The other two are the
teamed with option "Switch fault tolerance"

When the team was created, it unbound all protocols that were bound to
the two team members. Then created a virtual adapter to which all the
protocols including TCP/IP was bound. The two team members only had
the "Intel Advanced Networking Service" protocol bound to it. After
the team was created I installed Hummingbird NFS Gateway. This then
bound itself to all 3 physical cards and the virtual adapter too. I
think it should only be bound to the public as this is the interface
it can reach the NFS server on. The private interface does not need
Hummingbird protocols bound to it. The team members only have the
special Intel protocol bound to it. So it makes no sense to have the
"Hummingbird Directory Service" and the "Hummingbird NFS Maestro
client" bound to it.

I have tried to get suppport from Hummingbird whom which we have a
support contract but they have replied that they dont have enough
resources to allocate investigating this config. They are busy
developing the next version! My manager is currently attempting to
escalate this through the account manager.

So my hope is that you could may be share your opinions and
experiences with me about this.

Many thanks for reading so far.