I have a small linux-box which is used to record audio through the
sound card. The system
runs from a flash disk (with as few writes as possible) and stores the
wav-files on a nfs-share.
The system is connected to the server by wlan (802.11g -> 54 MBit/s).
The network connection
is fine.

However, when recording audio to the nfs-share, I get short dropouts
every 1-3 minutes.
When using ecasound, I get the warning 'buffer overrun'. It seems,
that the application is not
able to write the data as fast, as needed. This is suprising, since
wav-files are generated with
ca. 1.4 MBit/s, which is much below network throuput.

I think some kind of caching is missing here: When nfs is not fast
enough, the app should write
to a buffer and keep recording from the sound card. I tried to use the
async option and
also different values for wsize. But that did not help.

Is there any other way to increase the size of the write-buffers? Some
kind of caching for nfs?
cachefs is no option, since it would need to write to the local flash
disc, which I want to avoid.