Hi all,
In short, i need to remote desktop to a computer which is somewhat few
proxies away from where i am now.
[A] -...- [B]
*[A] denotes the computer i am using now
*[B] denotes the computer that i want to connect to / remote desktop.
-...- few proxies in between.
[A] is behind a proxy (corporate)
[B] is behind a proxy (campus)
To connect to the internet, A has to set HTTP proxy.
To connect to B from (say, other computers that are not behind any
proxy), one would need to connect to a gateway computer(proxy) and
make tunnels to the destination computer [B].
Now, my situation is as follows:
i am at [A], via the HTTP proxy and SSH, i can connect to a linux
computer that is not behind any proxy.
When i am at that linux computer(virtually), i can connect to [B]
through ssh.
Now, again, the ultimate goal is to RDP to [B] from [A]. May i know
how i could make this happen? How should i set the tunnels?