I have got 2 strange issue in my NIS production environment. since 2
months my environment worked fine. but last 15 days i am frequently
getting problems.

1. In the first problem in NIS master server would not allow any NIS
user for 10 to 15 min after some time it will resolve automatically.
By that time NIS users will logis will continue (because i have NIS
slave also ) but i am not sure it logins from the slave or not. But
only NIS master users cannot login.

I am not understanding why it is behaving like this after working
past 2 monts since why it happens.

2. My production NIS servers is getting error for every 1 week or 10
days like that irregularly. By that time NIS won't allow any NIS user
logins. By that time i am restarting ypserv service. I am not
understanding what is happen irregular problems.

do ypcall Unable to receive; errno = Connection refused.

My environment is

I have NIS Master, Slave , application servers working on Redhat
Advanced server 2.1.

ypbind 1.12

If any info need revert the mail.

awaiting for response


Chandra Sekhar N