Hi there,

I am trying to make my old ThinkPad 600 capable of wireless connexions.
This laptop used to work under RedHat 7.2, but I just installed Debian
Etch instead, so as to get my pcmcia D-link ethernet card reckognized.

The above mentioned pcmcia card is being acknowledged under this system ;
it works OK for Internet connexions when cable connected to my DSL/router.

Now I wish it to work wireless using, not a wireless card,
but same Ethernet D-link card connected to the router 'FONERA'
(FON2200) in client mode. Problem is that I don't know much about
networking and wireless connexions. I have read a few things on this
subject, and tried a few basic tests, but I still can't figure how I can
wirelessly connect to the Internet through this router. On my Desktop
computer (Debian Sarge), I have no trouble connecting either cable DSL or
wireless, but then I have a wireless card inside, which got pretty easily

On the laptop where I wish to configure wireless capabilities through the
Fonera router, I have the standard /etc/network/interfaces :

auto lo
iface lo inet loopback

allow-hotplug eth0
iface eth0 inet dhcp

This works all right when my pcmcia ethernet card D-link 660 is being
connected to my DSL/router.

eth0 Encap link ethernet....
inet adr: Bcast: netmask

lo Encap link: local loopback
inet adr: netmask:

#ifconfig -a

I get one more as follow:

irda0 encap link:IrLAP HWaddr .....
NOARP ..........

What should I write in my interface file so that it tests the router
FONERA when it is cable pluged to my ethernet card ? What tests would
you advise me, at first to check if it is working ?