Hi All,

Does anybody have any experience with setting up a IPv6-in-ipv6 tunnel
in linux?

My situation is like this:

I have a tunnel from my homenetwork to a our ipv6 test-network using an
apple airport express.
As that device does not support IPv6 multicast, I want to set up a
IPv6-over-IPv6 tunnel from my linux-box to the Ipv6-router and tunnel
IPv6 multicast traffic over it.

I followed the steps found here (sse linkg below), with the difference
that I set up a tunnel between a linux-box and a cisco-router, and not
between two linux boxes.

On the cisco-side, I set up a standard ipv6-over-ipv6 tunnel, with PIM
configured on it.

On the linux-side, it works OK up to the point where I create the
tunnel, and then do a "ifconfig mytunnel multicast up".
Then the box hangs. :-(

Does anybody have simular experience, and -more interesting to me- also
have a solution?

On the linux-side, I run the ubuntu 8.04.1 with the latest kernel

Cheerio! Kr. Bonne.