I'm trying to setup a network load balancer for my intranet. Here are
the details

Intranet consists of 1 Server (mysql, apache) (FC6)
12 workstations (FC6 / FC8)
1 switch which connects the 12 workstations and server
2 ISP's connected to the switch using netgear wgr 614 wireless G
router for cable isp connection.

Here are the ip addresses of the devices

server -
workstations - to 99
isp1 -
isp2 -

Currently the worstations and server are connected to the internet via
either ISP1 or ISP2
(the /etc/resolv.conf and /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0
are changed are changed appropriately on the machines).
The network load is balanced by putting 7 workstations on ISP1 and the
server + 6 workstations on ISP2.
The problem arises when one of the ISP is down each machine has to be
manually reconfigured to
change the resolve.conf and ifcfg-eth0 files.

I was wondering if such a setup is possible

- All 12 workstations use the server as a gateway - i.e.
- The server accepts packets from IP's to 99 and pushes
all even ip's to ISP2 and odd ip's to ISP1.
- In case if an ISP is down it pushes all packets to the ISP which is

I tried using the DLink load balancer LB604 but was not able to use it

I also wanted to use the server as a traffic limiting device so i can
track which ip address is using maximum bandwith.

Is this possible in FC6 ? Any help, pointers appreciated.


Yashesh Bhatia