On Mon, 15 Sep 2008 12:15:40 -0700 (PDT), gnosbush@gmail.com wrote:
> I have been researching Bacula looking for a backup system. Am I
> correct in my understanding that each file/client needs to be open to
> the network on port 9102 for the director to contact it and initiate
> the backup? Is there anyway the client can initiate the backup? I
> have a few computers that are behind a wireless router, the IP is
> dynamic, and each computer uses DHCP assigned through the router. If
> my understanding is correct about Bacula, I don't see how this could
> work.
> If Bacula does not work for this situation, what about Amanda?

You could set a cron job on each client that, at 11:58PM, for example,
attempts to access http://your.backup.server/client1 On the server
side, grep and cut to look for http://your.backup.server/client1 and
then see what IP address it came from.

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