Ignoramus15569 wrote:

> Have seen some unusual power outages and I am thinking now.
> There are some tasks that are very important for an enterprise, and
> yet are not very demanding for a server.
> Examples are:
> - DHCP server
> - Name server
> - Web server for some minor scripts
> - NTP time server
> I would like to know if any work is being done on making super very low
> power consumption servers, perhaps with slow CPUs, but which would a)
> use VERY little electric power and b) be very highly reliable.
> In my mind, something with a old slow and cool CPU, and solid state
> disk, would probably use a minuscule amount of power, would not
> require a fan, would have no moving parts, and would be highly
> reliable due to not having mechanical components.

Low-end (<$100) routers than can run Linux are great for this. They
have very low power consumption, multiple ethernet interfaces, and are
fully self-contained. They're available with USB 2.0, mini-PCI, and
WiFi. Their CPUs are not very fast, they don't have much RAM, and it's
a bit hard to add mass storage to them, but they're cheap, generally
reliable, and typically use around 5-12W.