A few months back I wrote:

> > I've used my Compaq Armada E500 laptop with Mandriva since
> > 2007.0. My Cisco wireless card has always worked without any
> > issue using a Linux driver. I think it uses the airo_cs module,
> > but it's hard for me to tell without reinstalling 2008.0.
> >
> > When I boot 2008.1 there's a long (a few minutes) pause after I
> > see the following boot-up message (without the line breaks):
> >
> > Starting udev: modprobe: WARNING Error inserting padlock_aes
> > (/lib/modules/
> > No such device
> >
> > Before that message the power and traffic lights on the
> > card flash. After that message those lights never light
> > again. Needless to say, networking doesn't work. If I remove
> > the wireless card, then the above error doesn't occur, and the
> > machine boots up without pausing.

> I found my answer. The clue was here:
> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+s...22/+bug/195218
> I created a file called /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-aironet and in
> it I put the lines:
> blacklist padlock_aes
> blacklist geode_aes
> After that I no longer get long delays when booting at the
> "starting udev" step. My Cisco wireless card works again.
> FYI....
> [I added this info to bugzilla.mandriva.com under bug no 40102.]

But, now I find that the wireless card, while it does connect, is quite
slow. When the laptop was a 2008.0 system I was getting rates, as
reported by gkrellm, of 70k. But, now my rates are between 200-600, and
once I saw as high as 1.4k. That's awful. Where should I look to fix


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