So I got a new toy, an Xbox (original, not 360) which I use as an MP3
player with XBMC. It only has a hardwired ethernet port and no slots,
and I can't run a cable to where it is (I guess I COULD, but it'd be
difficult), so I need some sort of ethernet <-> wifi bridge to use the
Samba share with lots o' MP3s. The easiest (with one part of "cheap"
and one part "versatile") way to do that is to get a router and put
DD-WRT on it configured to act as a bridge.

To that end, I've been looking at . In the listing
for the Actiontec MI424WR, under "WLAN standard" it says "ralink b/g
(must be replaced)". I want to use this router with an 802.11g signal.
Can I do this directly? There is another one of these routers in the
house (supplied by Verizon), and no hardware mods were performed here
to enable the wireless connection (but I have no idea what was done
before it came here). The note about "OEM'd to Verizon, cable port will
not work?" is OK, since I don't plan to use any coax-connected devices
with it anyhow. But what does "board needed for port -> pm BrainSlayer"

-eben QebWenE01R@vTerYizUonI.nOetP
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