I have,

(1) Static IP block (/29) via PPPoE/ADSL
(2) Netopia 3346n-ENT ADSL Router
(3) Linux box (Centos) running Shorewall firewall

Shorewall will handle all the firewall-ing/filtering between my WAN,
LAN & DMZ. Not a problem.

That leaves me with a choice of where to init the PPPoE connection.

(1) Netopia INITs the PPPoE, and routes my /29 with no filtering to,
e.g., 5 usable IP addresses that hand-off to the Shorewall,


(2) config the Netopia as a simple bridge, and setup the Linux box to
INIT the PPPoE connection using, e.g., in-kernel PPPoE client.

Is there any particular advantage or recommendation to one approach
over the other?


Geri :-)