Heres the deal:

From the server side i want to export the whole slackware filesystem
which is independent to server slackware filesystem ill call it /

From diskless side i want to boot via pxe and preform independent
slackware installation to /nfsroot. How to do that?

I was reading docs inside /usr/doc/Linux-HOWTOS but neither of docs
address it even partially. So i tried to do alone,

First on serverside ive recompiled kernel with :

- NFS filesystem support (CONFIG_NFS_FS).
- Root file system on NFS (CONFIG_ROOT_NFS).
- Ethernet (10 or 100Mbit) (CONFIG_NET_ETHERNET).
- The ethernet driver for the clent's network card.
- IP: kernel level autoconfiguration (CONFIG_IP_PNP)

on server side i have lvm partitions so i had to preform mkinitrd with

from the server side i preformed mknod c 0 255 /dev/nfs and rdev
BzImage /dev/nfs (bzImage is from newest compiled kernel with what ive
mentioned above), from recently compiled kernel ive copied Bzimage,
config and Sysmap(gziped) to /tftboot/slackware-current/kernels/
then on tftp/slackware-current/pxelinux.cfg/default ive added :

label hugesmp.s
kernel kernels/hugesmp.s/bzImage
append root=/dev/nfs ip=dhcp init=/sbin/init initrd=initrd.img
load_ramdisk=1 prompt_ramdisk=0 rw

ive done few tests if i use original initrd.img from /usb-pxe-
installers / then from booting diskless workstation with parameters on
bootprompt : hugesmp.s root=/dev/nfs i get msg


Root-NFS: No NFS server available, giving up.
VFS: Unable to mount root fs via NFS, trying floppy.
VFS: Insert root floppy and press ENTER

My assumption is this happened because of some connection with
initrd.img from usb-pxe-installers then ive copied mine initrd.img
from recently compiled kernel with mentioned above then it stucked
when it couldnt find lvm partitions... and this is where i stucked. Im
wondering what i could do next and what have i done wrong?Am i on the
right path?