I got temporary access to a very highspeed line and wanted to download a
Debian mirror set and also to mirror CPAN. The apt-mirror Perl script
ran just fine (about 40gb worth - wow) but using GFTP (Debian Etch)
to get the CPAN image blew up every time in about 2 minutes with a

So, I loaded KDEs Kasablanca for a try, and it blew with a page full of
segfault and other errors immediately. Then I put on every available
update for the entire system and tried again, but no change.

I haven't looked yet, but both are probably just GUI shells over the top
of the same standard FTP executable which would say that the problem is in
the actual runcode. Using raw FTP worked ok for CPAN, once I stared at
the man page long enough to remember how to run it.

Looking at the bug list sections of the web sites, I can't (so far) find
any reference to my problem. I have used GFTP for years to service
websites and it always worked fine.

Anybody else having a problem with either of the above GUI FTP's?

Bill D.