dear guruys,

this is just to let u know i build a new machine that has gateway
internet proxy enabled to go outside world.

and i can run internet there using firefox and mozilla etc work fine

now when i try to run some test of telnet,host,dig,nslookup,traceroute
it return me below error, can any one advise what things to be check
missing or anything to install further to this. be advise and what
files on slackware linux workaround.

however the local lan same commands r working, but outside world they
did not work.

we allowed from firewall only port 110,25,443,8080,80 to go outside,
it wil be email server

root@mail:~# less /etc/named.boot
/etc/named.boot: No such file or directory
root@mail:~# host
;; connection timed out; no servers could be reached
root@mail:~# telnet 80
telnet: Temporary failure in name resolution Host name lookup failure