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Linux Network Management Engineers
Charlotte, NC (Local Candidates preferred)
1 year project

The Network Management Engineer's role is to maintain and administrate
network management tools and systems. As a secondary function this
role assists other engineers in the selection and development of

Complete Description:
We are seeking a Network Management Engineer for our Network
Infrastructure Services Department. Below please find a brief
description of the essential duties and responsibilities required to
function successfully in this position.

* Setup network management tools such as AdventNet's OpManager,
OpenService's NerveCenter, CiscoWorks, MRTG, SmokePing and more.
* Maintain operational network management platforms which may include
the above and more.
* Brainstorm, develop, setup, and maintain custom tools to further
provide vision into the Enterprise network.
* Participate in network management product reviews with Network
Operations and Network Engineering
* Use overall understanding of network technology and available
network management tools to help operational teams identify the root
cause of problems or incidents in progress
* Work closely with operational firewall engineers, operational
network engineers, and the Network Engineering team to understand the
Enterprise network and use that knowledge to better configure
available management tools
* Work with project managers and other team members on projects
intended to upgrade or improve the network management infrastructure
* Work with project managers to provide up to date reporting on the
status of network management related projects
* Provide reports on key performance metrics including network
availability and utilization

Experience with administration of the following operating systems:
* Linux
* Solaris
* Windows 2003 Server

Programming languages:
* Perl
* Python
* TCL (as it relates to Expect)

Network experience:
* Firm grasp of TCP/IP networking, subnetting, etc.
* Cisco IOS
* NetScreen's ScreenOS
* Experience with routing protocols is a plus

Extensive experience with the following protocols:
* syslog

Experience with the following software packages:
* Apache 2.x web server
* syslog-ng

Experience with the following platforms is a plus:
* Foundry Networks IronView
* AdventNet OpManager
* NetScreen-Security Manager
* Cisco Systems CiscoWorks
* OpenService NerveCenter

Ability to create complete Unix-based web applications utilizing Perl
PHP integrated with an SQL database backend.
Behavior Characteristics:
Candidate must be honest, motivated, and possess a solid work ethic.
Excellent oral and written communication skills are also necessary.