I have OpenLDAP working (mostly) on a Fedora7 server and clients. I can
create users and validate passwords and the user's home directory
through LDAP when the user logs in. I haven't figured out how to change
passwords, but I'm getting there.

My REAL problem though is getting the automounter to work with LDAP. I
can explicitly set the /etc/auto.home file on each client, but that
takes setting up each client individually. I'd like to set it up like I
did with NIS (formerly YP), where I set up the server host name in one
place, and then when the client connects, it gets the name of the NFS
server for that user from LDAP. I've Googled and found some help, but
none of them seem to work, so I'm missing something.

Has anyone had success setting up the automounter with LDAP?

(On a side note, has anyone had experience with integrated management
tools for setting up and maintaining the LDAP server?)

Chuck Tryon