Exscript is a scripting language for automating Telnet or SSH sessions.
It supports a wide range of features, such as parallelization, AAA
authentication methods, TACACS, and a very simple template language.
Please refer to the project page for documentation (see the links at the
bottom of this announcement).

New since 0.9.10
* Support for Huawei routers was added.
* It is now possible to use a different authentication and authorization
passwords when using AAA. (The -a switch was added.)
* It is now possible to skip the authentication procedure all-together.
(The -n switch was added.)
* The --no-prompt switch was added.
* The priority of the "not" operator was decreased. Please refer to the
* Support for regular expression modifiers was added.
* The operating system and device detection mechanism was improved.
* The default timeout was increased to 30 seconds (previous was 10s).
* The "extract" keyword now supports a "from" operator for
extracting a string from a variable.
* The interpreter now has a --version flag.
* Windows newline characters are now supported in exscripts.
* The performance of prompt matching was greatly improved.
* Cisco router detection was improved.
* Fix: The "is not" operator was broken.
* Fix: Escaping of "/" characters would not work.
* Fix: "while" and "until" loops would sometimes not work.
* Fix: Arithmetic operations with 0 no longer fail.

* Python 2.2 or greater
* Python-crypto
* Python-pexpect (optional, for SSH support)
* ssh (optional, for SSH support)

Ivan Brkanac (Testing of Huawei support)

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