I'm a Linux newbie, so please be patient with me.

Recently picked-up a new HP Presario DV6500T and installed OpenSuse 10.3
(decided to part company with MS). I'm happy to say it installed and
booted fine, but I'm sorry to say some of the hardware isn't working or
recognized. I tried to focus on the NIC and wireless first, since I
felt it best to get access to the various repositories. I was able to
get the NIC working. My work has a proxy server in place that I can't
get OpenSuse to get past for it's updates. However, FireFox zooms right
past it (all of the documentation said to set the repositories in
one place, but it can't get past the proxy). The wireless has been
another story. I can see lots of wireless networks, but can't connect
to any of them (regardless of whether they are wide open or have any
type of encryption). Believe me, I'd tried it every single way, with
every setting I can find, in every combination I can think of. It gets
to 28%, stalls and eventually comes back saying it can't connect. Twice
last week it went past it to 54%, said it was acquiring an IP address,
then stalled and died. It's never done that again.

I'm at my wits end trying to get this working and I haven't even started
on the video card, webcam, mic, sound card (it says it's
working, but I get no sound, except for a pop at boot-up), finger
scanner, etc.

As I said, I am new to Linux, but have been reading a ton trying to
troubleshoot this. Oh, I should mention I tried to enable the
NDISWrapper (installed successfully) for the wireless card, but it said
the driver was already installed. I used Windows Vista drivers, since
that is all that was available to me. The wireless card is an Intel
3945. I'm using KDE on it and the KNetwork is running and gives me
access to everything wireless, except for a successful connection to

Any help or guidance is much appreciated. I'm still googling, but no
luck so far.

Scott C.