Currently we have a group of non-clustered servers each with two
nics. The interfaces are configured so that one has an internet IP
with a default gateway and the other has a local IP without. We will
be adding a pair of hardware load balancers and a few more servers to
make a farm. The load balancers will take an internet IP and talk to
the farm servers on their local IP's, via NAT. The farm servers will
change their default gateway from the internet router IP to the local
IP representing the load balancers. I have successfully set this up
as a test with a single nic server.

With dual nic servers, however, I will still have access to each
server individually via their internet IP (if this is a valid
configuration!). So the question is, the farm servers will now have
two ways to get to the internet, even though they have only one
default gateway. Is this a case where the routing table for the local
interface needs to be configured statically (or some other way) to
prevent a conflict, or is this sane?


-- clh