We have a SATA NAS (Ciprico NAS), with Linux as OS. This has two
NIC's. One NIC (eth0) is connected to 192.168.1.xx, and able to access
the shared folder for read and write. I have few queries, need your
help; (I am not familier with Linux)
1. Every time it is rebooted, it needs to be configured to use IP on
eth0 by using ifconfig commands, then only we are able to access the
shared folder and executing these commands;
domainname domain.com
./network stop
./network start
cd /etc/init.d
ifconfig eth0 192.168.1.xx netmask up
2. How to write and configure a file which can execute the above
commands at the boot (I know to do it in Windows)
3. I want to connect eth1 also to other network with IP 10.17.232.xx
and want to access the shared folder.
4. Tried to do same as eth0, but could not succeed. How to enable eth1
with a gateway so that shared foleder is accessible through eth1 port

Thanks in Advance