It won't sound like it at first, but this message does end up having a
Linux question. It actually touches on 3 operating systems.

I want to use WPA/TKIP/PEAP with a Palm TX running PalmOS.

The Palm doen't know how to download the access point's public key.
Instead, there's a windows application that you can import the public key
into, and that application generates a small .pdb (palm database file)
that you can supposedly sync to a Palm TX to get wireless working.

However, I don't know where to import the certificate from. I don't even
know what vendor, if any, signed our certificate, so I cannot just go to
their website and download it. And my IT seems a bit uncoopeerative on
the subject of getting this to work, so apparently I cannot ask them

If I have a Linux host with a wireless card in it, can it be configured
to support WPA/TKIP/PEAP? And if so, can I use said Linux host to somehow
save the public key from the access point into a file, so I could transfer
it to a windows host (or perhaps use wine) so I could import it into the
Palm Wi-Fi Profile Wizard on windows?