I'm trying to set up a PPTP server to allow Windows clients to
authenticate using Active Directory logins.

It's all working fine, apart from one thing: every time the Linux box
is restarted, I have to remove the Linux box's machine from Active
Directory, then run the following commands on the Linux box:

# kinit -V administrator@EXAMPLE.DOMAIN
# net ads join -U administrator@EXAMPLE.DOMAIN

(so, basically, I have to remove the machine's account, then re-create

The Linux box is a custom-built internet appliance, running a highly
customised Linux, originally based on Fedora Core, but stripped as far
as possible (so I don't have handy things like yum, man, etc).

I used a HowTo [1] to get as far as I have (I'm using winbind rather
than radius).

I haven't installed the samba server package, only the samba-client
and samba-common packages.

Does anyone know any way I can get it to work without having to re-
create the Linux box's machine account on AD every time it's
restarted? Would installing the samba server package help?


[1] http://www.members.optushome.com.au/...ds_howto_1.htm