system: Office1 network(10.0.1.X)---->Win2003server1---->Endian
Firewall<-----VPN---->Endian Firewall<----Win2003Server2<-----Office2

This network works fine, Both sites use Windows server for DNS & WINS.
Endian box for DHCP. Running CentOS with Postfix for Email at the
Office 1 site. Off1 and Off2 have full connectivity back and forth.
The problem I am having is with some remote vpn connections. I have 8
sites I am using OpenVPN to connect to teh endian box at site 1. The
connection works fine, and they can get everywhere, they should on the
Office 1 site. The problem is that they cannot access anything on site
2. If it has a 10.0.1.x ip it's accessible, 10.0.2.x is not accesible.
Can't even ping it. The reason i need this is for Remote desktop
connections and for home folder locations. Some staff work at location
2 and in some of the remote sites as well.

Any help you can give will be great. Any more info you need just ask.