I am trying to learn Networking.
I've been trying for a week to use OpenVNP but I can't seem to do it.

The following is my situation.

My LAN ( 2 winXP and 1 Linux) runnig behind a Linksys WRT54G router
The router is setup also for DynDNS

I am Stiil a Linux Newbie so I am trying to set up running OpenVPN on
the winXP 1st. Then try it with Linux.
I have a separate XP box Setup with DialUp only. I am trying to use
this as a TEST Client.

I've tried to follow the following tutorial
but I must have been misunderstood something;

1. I installed and configured One of my LAN winXP as The VPN server.
created the config files, configured the Router/re...Tutorial
I don't understand the meaning of the following in the Tutorial.
regarding "configuring the Server":
"You will only need to change
the IP addresses of the DNS servers in the server.ovpn file, "
a. Which IP is this??
b. and Where to put it in the "Server Config" ????
The DNS Server IP in the router is changing oftern.

2. Can OpenVNP Client be rung on a DialUP Connection ???

I created the Client Config files In the XP Server box. Copied them to
the DialUP box. But I can't conect either.

I don't know what am I doing wrong. I sure would appreciate a helping

Best regards