on my debian etch system i am having trouble to get inews (of the cnews
package) working.

When I use the older C version and try to post I get:

/usr/lib/news/inject/injnews: line 62: /var/lib/news/tmp/in7824in:
Permission denied
/usr/lib/news/inject/injnews: line 67: /var/lib/news/tmp/in7824in: No such
file or directory
cat: /var/lib/news/tmp/in7824in: No such file or directory

when i use the newer perl version I get:

perl: ldap-nss.c:1374: do_init: Assertion
`cfg->ldc_uris[__session.ls_current_uri] != ((void *)0)' failed.
sh: line 1: 8709 Aborted /usr/bin/inews -h

I already tried to set cnews sgid news as i thought the problem might be
due to wrong permissions but no luck.

Any ideas?


Dr. med. Laurens Kils-Huetten
Planckstrasse 8
D-22765 Hamburg