I'm working on getting IPsec up and running on a debian linux
machine. This is my first time ever installing linux as well as using
IPsec, so bare this in mind with your replies

I need my implementation of IPsec to run IKEv2. The only use of this
I've found comes from Racoon2 (http://www.racoon2.wide.ad.jp/w/?
Racoon2). However, I would also like to use ipsec-tools (http://ipsec-
tools.sourceforge.net/) so that I can utilize setkey to dump the
security association database (SAD) and security policy database
(SPD). Ipsec-tools comes packaged with Racoon (version 1), but this
version of racoon only supports IKEv1, which won't work for what I

Is it possible to use Racoon2 with ipsec-tools in place of the
packaged racoon and still use setkey to dump the databases?