Are you and experienced Java developer who enjoys solving interesting
problems, pair programming, and working with Hibernate, Spring and

We're looking for creative, talented people to join us in our Durham
consulting business. We offer a highly collaborative environment where
we use many agile practices such as pair programming, test-driven
development and short iterations. We aim to work closely with our
clients to understand how their business works so that we can build
systems that can best help them to reach their goals.

As a small consulting company, we focus on interesting and complex
projects. We work in a wide variety of industries, and build both back-
end systems as well as rich user-interface applications. Past clients
include, OnStar,, and

We're doing a lot of development in Java and Cocoon. Some of our work
is with the Daisy open-source content management platform. We use both
Linux and Windows platforms. We build mostly web-applications, but
that's not the only type of thing that we do. We do a fair amount of
rich client-side behavior (DHTML/Ajax) , so experience with writing
object-oriented JavaScript (especially with Dojo) is a plus. If you
have experience building desktop applications with rich user
interfaces, much of the design approach is applicable.

A successful candidate will have experience with some or all of these

* Java
* Hibernate
* Cocoon
* Lucene
* JavaScript
* Dojo

You would be a great fit if you...

* Enjoy collaborative pair programming
* Continually try to improve through reading (books, blogs,
* Love Design Patterns but know they can be overused and abused
* Understand that writing software is a long series of trade-offs,
and there usually isn't a "/one, true implementation/"
* Find satisfaction in arriving at a simple and elegant solution
through collaboration and refactoring
* Don't think you know all the answers but think you know some of
the questions
* Understand why Agile is useful as a methodology and have worked
in several projects using some kind of Agile approach
* Are a team player, and self-motivated
* Are confident with your skills and abilities, but always seeking
to improve and learn from others
* Have a curious personality and, through discipline and
experience, instinctively know when it is appropriate to take time to
dig deeper into a problem
* Are interested in working in a consulting firm where you will
learning about and work in a variety of different business domains

Please email with an introduction and your
resume (preferably in PDF).

This is posting is for full-time positions with benefits. I'm sorry,
but we are not interested in talking to you if you are an outsource
firm our a subcontractor.

I'm looking for a team lead/senior developer as well as a more junior

Our web site is

If you're a C or C++ developer, we also have openings in Wilkesboro,
NC (see

* Location: RTP, NC
* Compensation: DOE