I have been looking for some time for a simple howto that describes
how to make a SAMBA share visible to Windows clients via a VPN.

I want the setup on the client side to be identical to the setup
required for setting up VPN to a Windows 2003 server, ie. follow the
MS instructions to the letter, and gain access to the files on the
SAMBA share. This keeps user support to a minimum.

I have had some success with VPN linux to linux and windows to
windows, but there are so many options, and the simple fact that
communications are encrypted and thus very difficult to debug.

Can anyone point me to an existing HowTo, or current docs that I can
use to help me get this working? I will be glad to summarize and post
the necessary steps back to the newsgroup.


On the linux side: Debian 3.1 w/ kernel. This is a simple
host box at a colo. Only one interface.

On the client side: Windows XP.

Also, I would want to setup multiple VPN's on the Debian box for
isolated access to strategically separate SAMBA file shares.


Any help is greatly appreciated.