I have a setup that looks like this:

[server] --- [ switch ] --- [Wireless AP]

The server is running dhcp. The wireless access point is a Buffalo
wla-g54c. It does NOT have dhcp, and I have it configured with WPA-PSK
although that is probably irrelevent. I guess I should try unsecured
just to be sure. The AP has address 1.253, netmask and

With a wireless client, I get a connection, but the client (windows)
fails trying to get a network address.

On the server, I run wireshark, with a filter
tcp.port == 67 or udp.port == 67. When I try to reconnect the client,
no packets ever show up. If I just connect the client machine directly
to the switch with a wire, I see a DHCP request.

Shouldn't the AP "forward" all broadcast packets from the wireless
client? Why can't my wireless client get a network address assigned?