Hello everone..

I have a critical problem. I am using squid as proxy in redhat linux
one of my users want to access the newswire18.com by logging the
The first page is opening, But when they type their username and
password it is not authenticating. the page remains as it is.
No message is coming.

When he tries to login the connection is not going.

The firewall must allow users to establish an outbound TCP connection
to the servers IPs ( ) on port 18247.

So I disabled the firewall (all accesslists) in my router and I allow
the ports in squid also.

In my proxy server no firewalls is there(no iptables).

But still the problem is continues.

So I use pktstat utility to check what port it is exactly using ...

I use the command

../tcptrack -i eth0 src or dst

It gives message


i think this means it is network file system port..But i don t know
the port. Normally my squid accepts connections from clients through
port 8080.

What should i do to access the site ?