Hi, I'm experiencing a problem when trying to close the file descriptor
for a socket, creating another socket, and then closing the file
descriptor for that second socket. I can't tell if my issue is about
Python or POSIX.

In the following, the first time through, everything works. On the
second connection, though, the same file descriptor as the first
connection may be re-used, but for some reason, trying to do
os.read/close on that file descriptor will cause an error.

Thanks in advance for any help on why this problem is occurring and/or
how to resolve it (preferrably, I can continue to use file descriptors
instead of resorting to socket.recv/socket.close).

def handle( s ):
print id(s), s
print os.read( s.fileno(), 4096 ) # s.recv(4096)
os.close( s.fileno() ) # s.close()
svr = socket.socket()
svr.bind( ( 'localhost', 8003 ) )
svr.listen( 1 )
while True:
print 'accepting'
s,_ = svr.accept()
handle( s )

# Traceback (most recent call last):
# File "./normal_server_close_error.py", line 25, in
# handle( s )
# File "./normal_server_close_error.py", line 13, in handle
# print os.read( s.fileno(), 4096 ) # s.recv(4096)
# OSError: [Errno 9] Bad file descriptor