Date: May 9, 2007
From: David Lee Evans
Email Address:

Hello, perhaps somebody can help me solve a problem that I am
installing a WPNT511 wireless card in my latitude C600/C500 laptop
computer. I ran into a similar problem before, while I was living in
N.J. There are a lot of computer repair facilities up that way, and a
technician mention that it could be a conflict of interrupts problem.
To solve
that problem,I just purchase a different type of card and the problem
went away. However, this time, that is not a perfered option.
I just bought the laptop computer and immediately installed
Linux on
it. So I don't know if the wireless card ever worked in MS windows.
When I compiled ndiswrapper it, complained that the kernel
CONFIG_4KSTACKS option was enable and that ndiswrapper would not
function with this option selected. So I downloaded the Linux source
code and compiled with the CONFIG_8KSTACKS stack option enable. Here
is the output from cat /proc/version.
Linux version (r...@localhost.localdomain) (gcc version
20061011 (Red Hat 4.1.1-30)) #3 SMP Sun May 6 01:21:01 EDT 2007
I then recompiled ndiswrapper, here is the version info output for
that command.
command used> ndiswrapper -v
utils version: 1.9
driver filename: /lib/modules/
version: 1.43
vermagic: SMP mod_unload PENTIUMIII REGPARM gcc-4.1
I then transfer the following files from the XPwindows WPNT511 driver
into a test directory.
and then performed ndiswrapper -i tmimo3P.inf
with no visible errors being displayed.
command used> ndiswrapper -l
tmimo3p : driver installed
device (17CB:0002) present
Ok, every thing looks good up to this point.
Now I perform the following command, maybe to provide some additional
to my installation problem.
command used> lspci -v
.. "Edited Output"
06:00.0 Ethernet controller: Airgo Networks Inc AGN300 802.11 a/b/g
True MIMO Wireless Card (rev 01)
Subsystem: Netgear Unknown device 6d00
Flags: medium devsel, IRQ 11
Memory at 26080000 (32-bit, non-prefetchable) [disabled]
Memory at 26000000 (32-bit, non-prefetchable) [disabled]
Capabilities: [40] Power Management version 2
Ok, here comes the problem, after I perform the initialization,
process with the
modprobe ndiswrapper
command the system hangs until I pull out the wireless card and the
errors are displayed on the screen and dmesg log file.
ndiswrapper version 1.43 loaded (smp=yes)
ndiswrapper: driver tmimo3p (NETGEAR Networks, Inc.,10/28/2005, loaded
PCI: Enabling device 0000:06:00.0 (0000 -> 0002)
ACPI: PCI Interrupt 0000:06:00.0[A] -> Link [LNKD] -> GSI 11 (level,
low) -> IRQ 11
ndiswrapper: using IRQ 11
ndiswrapper (NdisWriteErrorLogEntry:199): log: C000138A, count: 8,
return_address: d0b2c84a
ndiswrapper (NdisWriteErrorLogEntry:202): code: 0x506c6168
ndiswrapper (NdisWriteErrorLogEntry:202): code: 0x6f667265
ndiswrapper (NdisWriteErrorLogEntry:202): code: 0x79536d72
ndiswrapper (NdisWriteErrorLogEntry:202): code: 0x6d657473
ndiswrapper (NdisWriteErrorLogEntry:202): code: 0x65736552
ndiswrapper (NdisWriteErrorLogEntry:202): code: 0x61432074
ndiswrapper (NdisWriteErrorLogEntry:202): code: 0x64656c6c
ndiswrapper (NdisWriteErrorLogEntry:202): code: 0xa
ndiswrapper (NdisWriteErrorLogEntry:199): log: C000138A, count: 8,
return_address: d0b2c84a
ndiswrapper (NdisWriteErrorLogEntry:202): code: 0x576c6168
ndiswrapper (NdisWriteErrorLogEntry:202): code: 0x46746961
ndiswrapper (NdisWriteErrorLogEntry:202): code: 0x6545726f
ndiswrapper (NdisWriteErrorLogEntry:202): code: 0x6d6f7270
ndiswrapper (NdisWriteErrorLogEntry:202): code: 0x79737542
ndiswrapper (NdisWriteErrorLogEntry:202): code: 0x61656c43
ndiswrapper (NdisWriteErrorLogEntry:202): code: 0x53203a72
ndiswrapper (NdisWriteErrorLogEntry:202): code: 0x746174
ndiswrapper (miniport_init:271): couldn't initialize device: C0000001
ndiswrapper (pnp_start_device:425): Windows driver couldn't
the device (C0000001)
must pull out PCI Card to free up the system."
pccard: card ejected from slot 1
unregister_netdevice: device eth%d/c2d6a000 never was registered
ndiswrapper (miniport_halt:335): device c2d6a400 is not initialized -
not halting ndiswrapper: device eth%d removed
ACPI: PCI interrupt for device 0000:06:00.0 disabled
ndiswrapper: probe of 0000:06:00.0 failed with error -22
usbcore: registered new driver ndiswrapper
Any constructive suggestions, in helping me solve my laptop wireless
card problem would be very appreciated. Perhaps using setpci toggle
some registers? or some other type magical solution.
Thanks, for your attention.
David Evans