Hello all!

Here is my situation:
- I am running a Linux Fileserver with Samba
- This Linux Box is the PDC (Primary Domain Controller) for a Windows
- All Windows clients are members of this domain
- All Windows clients have access to the files on the linux server
- All Windows clients share files with each other

What I want to do:
- I want to log on to the PDC like if I would be a normal client and have
access to all the files of the Linux server and if possible also to all the
files on the other Windows clients.

My solution:
- Install a VPN server

My questions:
- Does that work out? When I install the VPN on the fileserver, what do I
have to do to become am member of the domain? What do I have to do to access
the files on the server?
- Does it increase security if I install the VPN server on a seperate linux
box, instead on the linux fileserver? If yes, what else will I have to do to
in this case to access the domain and the files?
- Is that the right way to do everything or are there better ways to meet my

Thanx for any advice, link, etc!


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