I have a simple topolgy A--R--B, where R is a router, A is a HTTP
Server and B is a Client. I want to setup a tocket bucket mechnism at
the router R to limit the bandwidth available (10 Mbps) to some lower
value (for e.g. 1 Mbps with 100Kb buffer), linux 2.6 kernel is running
on R,A,B. I have enabled the QoS options and recompiled the kernel.
How do I configure R to apply a tocken bucket filter to packets coming
from A (using IP address), using tc ? Assuming A is connected to eth0
and B to eth1 at R.
Any code/pointers would be helpful. Also R is not actually running any
routing deamon but I have configured it to forward packets
appropriately because of the simple topology, will that be a
problem ??