i have some WiFi/WDS related questions:

1). Any card with 802.11b supports also WDS?
2). What is needed to transform PC with WiFi card (Prism II) into an
AP/WDS bridge/WDS AP??
3). How is it implemented? Kernel/userspace (on 2.4/2.6 kernels).

(I am trying to modify Linux-based router with "dead" WISP function, so
I must understand how it goes).

4). Not related to others:
there is a PC with Mandriva, kernel 2.6.12. Have inserted Prism II (LG
11Mbps) PCI card in. Module loads (orinoco_cs) but there is NO ethx
interface. Module loads "normally" without any complaints. Where to dig?
(I have same card in box working OK., but there is Fedora Core