I am trying to get squid to work for me, I am currently behind a
firewall/router that i cannot log into, i have no way of changing any
of its configuration. Its not seeming to work, think it might be DNS,
but maybe not as same happens if i search for site by ipaddress.

ANyway I was wondering if i am flogging a dead horse.... is it
possible to get it to work.

Tried some entries in conf file, "never direct allow all", I read a
readme about firewalls and squid.

But i am confused with section about Port 3130, it says in one post
allow port 3130 on firewall. I have no way of accessing router to do
this, so i was wondering.... is it possible to make it work, with

I have since tried more stuff(this is a repost that i tried in squid
mailing list), including
Set icp_port to 0

cache_peer parent 80 0 no-query default

never_direct allow all

Please help!