Hello Everyone,

I use a RedHat Linux box, and have to setup access to differents (many)
users account. Users accounts are on a NAS (or a kind a) NFS server,
and sould be automounted from here, under /users.

I use the latest upgrade (to my knowledge) of autofs package :

So, in my /etc/auto_master, I have a line :
/users /etc/auto.users

In this file, I wrote :
* -rw nasserver:/vol1/& \
nasserver:/vol2/& \

Users accounts are stored under differents volume on the NAS server. I
don't want to have to list the whole bunch of user, for obvious
maintenance reason.

This kind of map exists already, (distributed by NIS), and under
Solaris and AIX clients, it is working fine !

In the Linux box, it is another thing, it is not working at each try :
If I do :
/ # cd /users/johndo
-bash: cd: /users/johndo: No such file or directory
/ # cd /users/johndo
-bash: cd: /users/johndo: No such file or directory
# cd /users/johndo
/users/johndo #

The user account is not mouted immediatly, but after several try
(sometime 0, sometime 5 or 6) !
The /var/log/messages shows well the differents try, until it succeed.

I tried, among many other things, to add option "--retry=xx" to
automounter, to add option "fg", in /etc/auto.users, etc... without any

And I repeat, this kind of automount system is working fine under
others box, under several other operating system....

I become to run off of clues, so, if anybody have a one, it will be
greatly appreciated.

In advance thanks you,