After many hours of tinkering with winmodem drivers on a Fedora Core 6
( 2.6.18-1.2869.fc6 ), i am happy to report that, first of all,

1) the martian driver (martian_dev) - - compiled and installed fine
(it's intended for higher version 2.6 kernels; for the earlier 2.6
kernels one still uses the ltmodem-xxx packages)

2) it seems to work well with the Phoebe Lunar Express V.92 (Lucent
/Agere chipset) that I picked up at the local retail store for $21. (
I realize one can buy a real, external modem for (a little) less these
days, but, perhaps, under certain circumstances, having one inside is
particularly valuable)

I haven't yet extensively test-driven this Phoebe modem, but am
hurrying to report that it basically works, since there does not appear
to be an abundance of options here (perhaps i'm wrong?)

In addition, it may be noteworthy that I tried using the Linuxant
drivers (for conexant modems) but didn't get far, and became annoyed by
various hurdles in the installation that seem to stem from the
closed-source nature of the code. (At one point their web-based
installer asked me for my system root password ?!? And one of their
scripts that "on the surface" appears to be an ordinary bash script,
has an 'eval' statement at the end which evaluates a chunk of binary
code) Linuxant products may work for some, but I feel i have wasted
the time and money I spent on their driver.

Feedback is welcomed.