Hello all,

I have a small branch office set up with a site-to-site VPN tunnel between
my main office ISA server and a Win2K3 R2 server at the branch office set up
as a local DC, RRAS server, DNS, etc. It has a single NIC behind a NAT
gateway to the branch office ISP.

I have set up the client XP Pro machines TCP/IP in the branch office with
the DNS and default gateway set up to point to this server.

Everything works, but the users complain that access to the web is slow.
Tracert shows that access to the web goes via the RRAS server and then
directly via the local WAN connection to the ISP. The clients don't seem to
have a problem with DNS resolution via the RRAS server.

I suspect the bottleneck is the RRAS/DC/DNS server, which is an older dual
Pentium III machine I pulled out of the boneyard.

Can anyone recommend a better configuration? Should I prehaps set up static
routes on the client machines for access to the main office LAN and point the
default gateway to the NAT gateway? Should I convince the boss to buy a
faster machine for the branch office server (fat chance)?

Any advice would be much appreciated.

George Merriman
IT Guy
See Factor Industry Inc.
Long Island City NY

George Merriman
See Factor Industry, Inc.