I hope someone will take the time to help me. I work in a small office
running a peer-to-peer network. They are connected with a Netgear switch
which is connected to a Dlink Router that accesses a wireless internet
service. The devices on the network include xp home computers, xp pro
computers, win2000 computers, printers, one wireless access point. I want to
set one of my xp pro computers to act as a vpn server and access it from my
home computer (running xp home) via a vpn connection. I ran the setup wizard
on the xp pro computer at work to allow incoming calls. I set the virtual
server on the router (for both ipsec and pptp) to the ip address of the work
xp pro machine. I then ran the network connection wizard at home, but can't
log in. I don't have a clue why. When I set the security for the connection
to use my windows login in I get error 800 - unable to establish vpn
connection. When I set the security to require data encryption I get a
connection login screen but I still get the error 800. I have cable internet
at home, not dial-up. I need the step by step process on this as I am way
over my head on this one. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks