I have problem connecting to remote network using VPN tunnel. The
architecture of connection is the following:

me (Computer A) - router A - internet - router B - computer B

Computer A: computer running windows XP SP2 (alternatively I have tried
connection from Windows 2003 Server) - both computers on the network
Router A: Linksys WRT54GS, internal address, external, VPN IPSec passthrough enabled
Router B: ZyXEL 650HW, internal address, external, VPN configuration described in attachment
Computer B: Windows 2003 server, address

I have configured IPSec on my machine as described
http://support.microsoft.com/kb/252735 but when I try to ping from
my machine it answers: "Negotiating IP security". I have enabled audit
logging and in the event log I have found error 4289 from IPSec source ( The
IPSec driver failed the oakley negotiation with since no filter
exists to protect packets to that destination. Please check the
configuration on this machine to ensure at least one filter matches the
destination. ) for each ping...

Can anybody help me, please?

Thank You