We are releasing our new scenarios for Server and Domain Isolation this
afternoon on http://connect.microsoft.com in the form of a Feature Focus.
These scenarios will allow you to start testing out some of the great
features we have coming up for IPsec in Windows Vista and Longhorn Server.

We have recently created a newsgroup for participants in the Technical Beta
to use to ask questions about the new IPsec features in Windows Vista and
Longhorn Server. This newsgroup will be monitored by members of the
development and test teams that support IPsec.


With this release, a number of new management and configuration features
are delivered for IPsec which will help make Server and Domain Isolation even
easier to deploy and maintain.

- Being able to use IPsec to secure client to DC traffic
- Servers using NLB now have a reduced failover time of 30 seconds when
IPsec is enabled (previously was 2 minutes)
- Significantly improved user interface, which will simplify policy
management and the management of exceptions
- Expanded authentication methods (user and health), in addition to machine
– including health certificates will provide better integration with Network
Access Protection
- Integration with the Windows Filtering Platform

We are confident that these improvements will help enterprises in being able
to reduce the risk of network security threats, safeguard sensitive data and
intellectual property, and extending the value of existing infrastructure
investments (including Active Directory).

We could use your help by participating in the newsgroup and posting
questions, comments, etc. The more participation we have, the better chance
we have of making this product great! Thanks and looking forward to your