I don't Cisco836's can double as VPN servers. Their website would know for sure. Their VPN concentrators are for that purpose.

If you already have RRAS configured on the W2K3 server then you don't need the Cisco VPN client on the XP SP2 machine. You just have to create a new connection in your Network Connections folder on XP SP2, tell it to use VPN and give it the server's name/IP address and it should work as long as that server is reachable over the internet.

You definitely shouldn't put the RRAS server directly on the internet though. You should have some kind of firewall or proxy server in front of it that is filtering most of the traffic and only letting in VPN traffic.

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Conversation: VPN between XP2 and Windows2000 server
Subject: VPN between XP2 and Windows2000 server

I wonder if I can setup a secure VPN(l2tp,Ipsec) connection between a
xp(pro) sp2
computer at home and a windows2000 server at work.(a remote access
This is my scenario:
At home:
Xp(pro) sp2 with Cisco VPNclient 4.6 installed on it.
connection to the inernet : Speedtouch 510 adsl(isdn) modem.
(one static public ip adress)
At work :
Connection to the internet : Cisco836 adsl(isdn) router (one static public
Ip address)
Windows2000 server acting as a DC directly connected to the Cisco836 router.
On the windows2000 server is RRas activated.
Can I establish a tunnel from my Xp computer at home with the cisco router
as the end point.
Thanks in advance,Ilja Zwolsman