I work for an organization that uses a "firewall" that blocks only ports
below 1024. In order to feel safe about using services such as RDP, I have
to come up with my own security solutions. I have a Win2K, SP4 file server
on which I have created some batch files using IPSecPol. I've successfully
limited the port for RDP (3389) so that it's accessible only from our network
by using this method.

There are a few apps using some other high ports (8000, 8081, 8082). When I
tried to do the same for those ports by using the same batch file and simply
replacing 3389 with ANY of the above ports, I lose outbound Web access to
anything outside of our network. It's as though the client needs those ports
for the return packets when it sends anything to port 80. Does this make any

By the way, as far as I can tell there is no way to use IPSec to block only
unsolicited incoming packets. It seems to be all or nothing, at least for
this aspect of it. Am I correct?