I have an interesting issue with zonealarm.

I am using the latest update to the free version.

In the firewall settings, I have set it to allow "smtp.comcast.net" as a
trusted site, obviously for the sending of email. The problem is that
comcast has "smtp.comcast.net" resolve to a group of servers, presumably
for rudundancey or load sharing. If I edit the comcast mail entry in
the firewall, I can tell ZA to look up the current IP's, store them, and
mail sending works. However, comcast periodically changes the servers.
I sometimes have to edit the "Comcast Mail" lineitem in the firewall
several times a day, sometimes it will work for a week.

Shouldn't I be able to tell ZA to allow connections to
"smtp.comcast.net" and have it work? Anyone know of a work aroud?

Further info:

I use Thunderbird for mail and news. Outgoing messages are virus
checked by Kaspersky. Both Kaspersky and Thunderbird are in program
control as "allowed to connect to the internet"

Any thoughts?