Someone over at has definitely lost his marbles-

I just found out that they are selling off the actual source code and Master PL rights to this hot selling software starting this Friday.

I know this is hard to believe but I swear its true.

You can get a sneak peek by going to:

The reason I am letting you know about a sale that does not even start until Friday is because I wanted to make sure you wait for my email before you pick it up!

I am going to make it *very* worth your while to wait and see the special bonuses I am going to be piling on you, if you pick up this incredible package through my link!

Watch for my email 1st thing this Friday- I'm going to really make it worth your while to snap this package up from me!

I hear they are only releasing a limited number of copies - so be ready to jump on this one right away.

Best Regards,
John Enderson

PS. This software is truly incredible, I have heard has brought in 3/4 of a Million Dollars in the past 2 years, and starting Friday you can own their whole business


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