You can make a very good income fundraising for Cancer Research.

If you have Networking or MLM knowledge or experience with a downline, even

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Every 4 seconds someone dies somewhere in the world from Cancer.

Current cancer treatments have less than 30% success against cancer.

In 2005, 7 million (19,000+ per day) will die from cancer (W.H.O.).

Together we will be making a difference. We will be funding unique research
and treatments, shown to be successful, but lacking in support from other
medical manufacturers because they are not big profit makers. Some are shown
scientifically to be twice as effective as current treatments, but not
available to, or wanted by the cash driven medical industry.

If you join before the July start-up, you become a foundation member with
double commissions over the first 3 months.

This is the lifestyle and income others can only dream about whilst being
involved in saving the lives of others less fortunate than you.

Could you enjoy being a full time or part time wealthy, charitable,
Professional Fundraiser

Do you want to directly help Cancer suffers?

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